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Think BIG for Welfare

Think BIG for Welfare


It takes true belief, perseverance, strong will and deep compassion to access and continue the path on Welfare.

Altruism or Egoism? What brings you more Happiness and Success?


What does it takes to devote yourself to serving community? Some extraordinary people like, late, Princess Lady Diana, Mother Teresa but also Angelina Jolie (actress and UN humanitarian activist) and Bono Vox (musician and activist on poverty in Africa) have devoted their lives on serving communities who are subordinate in our societies. These individuals strongly believe in making the world a better place. They are the ones who go far beyond their own comfort, not only think but also act. It is them who think differently and have a profound feeling of contributing on our planet. Do not ever think, that they just do this on feeding their ego. Especially when you are a celebrity you start at below zero.

It takes true belief, perseverance, strong will and deep compassion to access and continue the path on Welfare. You have to develop your skills in quick decision making, good judgment and eloquence which helps you to convince authorities and governments. You need to learn to deal with major resistance coming from different communities and authorities. Being a pioneer in Welfare is not for the weak hearted. Courage based on true self-confidence together with good judgment coming from an open mind, helps you to find excellence in this job. So how does these people keep their focus, stay centered and determine? The answer perhaps, must be seeked in the art of mindfulness, or meditation so to speak. Unfortunately, we cannot conclude with a 100% that these people are related to meditation. What we do know is that they were and some still are, extremely aware. Awareness and compassion come when you are at least in the present, and mindful. It doesn’t matter if you acquire this by doing particular meditation or frequently taking silence time and become fully aware of the moment.

Think BIG Welfare inspirers


Welfare Inspirers like the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, and late Princess Diana as well as Mother Theresa are all connected by being able to see the Bigger Picture. Their devotion coming from the heart and mind allows them to create a better place for humankind. This is probably one of their biggest drives with a positive outcome which everybody can benefit from.

Videos you need to watch


These videos are a must see so you can let your inner benefactor out! Get inspired and inspire others for a ripple effect. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Become as good as Lady Diana!


Put your big beliefs, social views on humanity together and go after creating benefits for your fellow brothers and sisters in this world. You knew already you had to do something, isn’t it?

Something meaningful that creates awareness and harmony. Start today with following your dreams and realizing them with your heart and mind. Compassion and devotion are your most powerful tools. Become the next Lady Di or just become a better version of you by helping others unconditionally.