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Think BIG for Unconventional Thinking

Think BIG for Unconventional Thinking


Great things come to those,
who have a great mind


  • Unconventional thinking stimulates imagination
  • Imagination leads to creativity
  • Creativity leads to invention

Out of the Box thinking loves Unconventional Thinking


Great things come to those, who have a great mind. What happens when you feel at peace? What happens when you feels at ease? What happens when your mind is set on free thinking? The answer is that ideas will come easy to you as what flows from a source.

It’s a fact that when your mind is running overtime in ruminating, over-analyzing and above all constantly worrying, nothing good can come of that. When you are in such a undesired flow of energy you feel you can not have a solid thougth or even a bright idea. Don’t worry when such moments are entering your life, or better to say your brain. Apparently it is human as we are all conditioned on using our ratio in most Western societies. Even the greatest thinkers of all times, weren’t always excluded from a care free mind. Also the greatest thinkers, inventors other unconventional individuals had their though moments. Probably one of the great challenges in their lives must have been to control their minds in order to keep an open mind.

Think BIG Unconventional Thinkers inspirers


Unconventional Thinking starts with thinking beyond boundaries and imaginations.

‘What if?’, is a common question and starts the queeste for unconventional ideas. Ideas which are everything except mainstream. Outside the box is where we can find answers. Answers to questions that rock our world and become revolutionary. One of the most famous quotes by Albert Einstein says it all: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

So, read about the marvelous individuals like Albert Einstein and Drs. Robert Dijkgraaff. Get inspired and learn about their unconventional thinking and how to apply yourself.

Videos you need to watch


Let yourself inspire by below videos of the masters of unconventional thinking. Watch, Listen and Learn. Before you know it, you know how to do it.

Become a unconventional thinker yourself!


Are you a big thinker, do you prefer to think outside the box instead of following the given boundaries? Do you believe there is more inside of you that haven’t come out yet? Do you believe in proving the opposite and for a good cause? Are you eager to find answers on Life?  If the answer is yes, you have the right qualities to become an unconventional thinker who needs to show and contribute something to the world against all odds. Starting today and from scratch, will give you the opportunity to spread your ideas and become BIG.