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Think BIG for Sports

Think BIG for Sports


Have you been ever wondering yourself how Top Athletes like Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Rafael Nadal and some National Teams achieve their victory?


 Ultimate natural recources for you:

  • Passion & Commitment
  • Vision & Focus
  • Body & Mind control

How to discover and use your inner strengths and resources

The essence of Mindfulness.


Have you been ever wondering yourself how Top Athletes like Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Rafael Nadal and some National Teams achieve their victory? Besides a healthy diet, frequently cardio training and other daily physical excerise such as fitness. Some have discovered the added value of doing yoga and meditation. It’s no secret that guys likeTiger Woods visualize their triumph by visualisation during meditation.

With all the scientific evidence coming out in the past several years, meditation is becoming something that can’t be overlooked. As anyone who’s ever played a sport knows, the biggest opponent is always inside. Meditation gives you ways to come to terms with this opponent.

It doesn’t matter what sport you play, any athlete can benefit from the positive benefits of meditation. Meditation research on athletic performance is still very much in its infancy. However, meditation has been shown to help in other areas that could relate to athletic performance.


Check the 10 reasons on why you should meditate too.

It increase your focus.

Your focus will determine if you win or lose a game. When you’re at the free throw line, and you’re not focused, you may miss the shot. Why not train your mind to focus? Meditation has been shown to increase states of focus within the brain. Every athlete, no matter what sport they are playing, could work on bettering their focus.

It helps you cope with pain.

There’s an old cliché around professional athletes that no matter what, they’re always dealing with some sort of pain. High endurance sports do a number to your body. Meditation has been shown to help people cope with pain.

It helps you deal with fear.

Fears can trouble our minds and withhold us from the present moment; this can lead to so many errors in sports. Meditation has been shown to help calm the fear center of the brain known as the amygdala even when you’re not meditating. This information alone is worth millions of dollars to a professional athlete.

It boosts your immune system.

When you are an athlete, you cannot afford to be sick; if you are sick you simply cannot play. Athletes are particularly concerned about their health. They are looking at various ways to avoid becoming sick, so why not trying meditation? Meditation has been shown to strengthen immune system.

It reduces our mind from ruminating.

Ever lose a game, miss the game winning shot? Fail hard? We all do. Sometimes it becomes hard to bounce back; we run obsessive thoughts through our mind. Meditation has been shown to reduce rumination; mediation will essentially help to reset the mind to focus on the present.

It makes you resilient.

The greatest athletes in the world are the most resilient; meditation has been shown to help out in this area. Everyone knows you have to fail over and over again until you succeed. Meditation helps you detach yourself from the negative thoughts that keep you from achieving your goals.

It decreases stress.

Athletes are always under stress. They pride themselves on the ability to be in a high stress environment. Why not employ a practice that has been shown to reduce stress? Integrating a bit of meditation before the game could help to reach your goals.

It helps to stabilize emotions.

One study showed that people with more mindful traits are better able to stabilize their emotions and have better control over their moods. The competitive nature of all athletes causes them to have to deal with a roller coaster of different emotions. Why not embrace meditation and uses mindfulness throughout the game?

It improves sleep.

One night of lost sleep could lose a championship; quality sleep is one of the most valuable things every athlete should have. It has been shown that meditation improves your quality of sleep.

It helps us to see our blind spots.

Athletes train over and over again to perfect their craft. In order to do so, it’s from high importance to reflect frequently. It’s one of the reasons why coaches exist; they are able to help you to see your blind spots. Our blinds spots cause us not to perform well, and meditation has been shown to help recognize our blind spots. By being introspective, you are able to recognize these blind spots and working on general improvement.

Meditation could be that extra edge that helps you win the game-winning point or helps you go the extra mile when you think you can’t. Why not implement this state of mind into your training regime? There is nothing to lose, only to win and it just might make you a better athlete! 

Think BIG Sports inspirers


What do these great athletes have in common besides using their physiques for excellent performance? Year after year a physical work out only doesn’t do the trick. As you can imagine it comes down to a great mindset done by great vision and focus. It’s proven that these great sportsmen know how to visualize their victory in advance by meditation. So why not you?

Start using this powerful tool meditation is in order to achieve whatever you want to achieve in your discipline. Accelerate your personal development and become like these great athletes. Or even better 😉

Sport videos for your inspiration


Watch these must see inspirational videos and get inspired to achieve whatever you want to. These videos contain essential material on how to achieve your goals.

Become bigger than Nadal


Improvement begins with devotion and full commitment. Start with your personal development now. The first steps lead you to victory which is the biggest reward you can get. You are only one step away between your former self and the New self. Just begin now to think Big. Do you want to become better than your previous self?

It might lead you to a version of yourself you’d never imagined!