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Think BIG for Philosophy

Think BIG for Philosophy


One of Gandhi ’s quotes is: “I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one.” Gandhi understood the power of meditation and has been a positive thinker pur sang.

Be the change you want to see in the world


Is your mind used to linear thinking? Have you forgot to phantasize about all sorts of things like you were a kid? Children wonder themselves on little and big things all the time. Things we are taking for granted, they are investigating effortless. Some of these little ones are early questioning the answers of an adult which is mostly based on the concept of this grown up. These are the young ones who are eager to find the holes in the fench. And you bet, they do.

Can you imagine what happens if you find that hole in the fench? What will it give you for the rest of your young existence? Self-confidence in seeking the truth whatever the truth is. After all there are many truths. The bottom line is that great Philosophers or even revolutionists so to speak, like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela have in common that they all cared for a bigger meaning in life and a great purpose that would benefit the community. Such concept only starts with a vision coming from an open mind and heart, together with the strong will to investigate (cultural) systems.

These men were pioneers who understood the bigger picture as well as the smallest particle of the chain. And yes, they faced true resistance in carrying out their vision. So how, were these men able to stand tall, in stead of tripping over?

One of Gandhi ’s quotes that answers above question is: “I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one.” Gandhi understood the power of meditation and has been a positive thinker pur sang..

Think BIG Philosophy inspirers


What do all of these great men like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi have in common? The answer is quite simple. They all shared a certain philosophy and which became the philosophy of many others. Their goals? Making the world a better place and inviting mankind to see things from a different perspective. Shaking up the conventional system. It takes vision, faith, courage, perseverance and above all a devoted heart to change the world. And so they did and have succeeded.

Videos you need to watch


Take a comfortable seat and check out this inspiring videos. We will guarantee you will have a different perspective afterwards. It’s a win-win situation here.

Become a philosopher yourself!


Like others you as well have a certain, if not, many views on something particular. A certain thought on life that has crossed your mind more than once. You probably have been wondering yourself at one  point in your life ‘How can I change the life I live?’ Perhaps you even have a bigger vision and feeling that you really want to change the world.

Well, the time is now. You can become a Practioner of Philosophy who learns how to turn your vision(s) into action. Start with displaying your own beliefs.