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Think BIG for Performing Arts

Think BIG Performing Arts 


Performing arts is not just a creative outlet. It’s a virtue based on arts and high performance which makes this a sport on professional level.


  • Expression of inner power & creativity
  • Mental and physicial development
  • Instant happiness due to self-acknowledgement

Benefits for better Performance


Performing arts is not just a creative outlet. It’s a virtue based on arts and high performance which makes this a sport on professional level. Mostly been done by utterly sensitive individuals. It not just by chance, that these sensitive and creative minds have chosen this area of activity. Their highly sensitivity is often under valued but comes to be in benefit in their profession.

We all know that these kind of people have to deal with massive pressure and stress due to high expectations by the public. Dancers, singers, actors and other kind of professional entertainers are streching their skills and sense of peace as well as their focus to the limit.

How do you stay healthy, energized and focused when the whole world is watching and the Media is on your back, all the time? It’s easy to crack under these circumstances and to be frank, we can’t blame them. It’s no secret that some of these exposed folks do collaps especially when drugs are involved. Ironically it is the same drugs that initially help you to relax make you feel chased, tensed and depressed after a while.

So then what is the secret that keeps these performers in optimal performance? Most of these people are conscious and aware about their body and mind. Therefore they are very eager to keep both in shape and balance by doing regular excerise and following a healthy diet. As we may believe the tabloids, celebrities like Madonna, Beyoncé, Will Smith, Katy Perry, Oprah, Richard Gere, Keanu Reeves, Steven Seagal are familiar with the concept of mindfulness / meditation. Some of them share the Buddha’ philosophy. They read the scientific proof, understand the benefits of the mental practice and they seem to flourish by it!

So implement these Meditation benefits:

stress release by lowering blood pressure (convenient when you need to face big audience)

natural antidote for depression and anxiety (suitable for long term balance)

increase of memory recall (handy when you need to learn a film script or else)

increase of alfa & theta brainwaves which provide overall relaxation and positive feelings (you have a strong mind, less doubts and feel more secure)

increase of focus and control (in order to achieve any goal)

Six benefit is needed to make it good responsive.

Performing Arts inspirers


In our lives, we all need someone we kind of look up to. Someone you have either secretely or open adoration for. A Person that inspirers you by his action, performance, creativity, wisdom or his/her life attitude. Or maybe you just get inspirered by this person’s being. Some people do that to us and we love to engage ourselves to that particular virtue.

Because, we of Think BIG have been inspirered by significant individuals, we are proud to present you our modest selection of BIG Inspirers from all over the world. We think these people have made and still make a BIG difference in our lives. They remind us to become the best version of ourselves and to push the boundaries of our comfort zones in order to Grow.

Remember that this selection is modest because our list of Inspirers goes on and on.

Pick your favorite Inspirer and get inspirered!

Videos that will inspire you!


Feed your mind with daily inspiration and watch these BIG inspiring videos starring leading individuals who made a difference by thinking different.

It’s them who made a big change in our society, not only by their views of life but also by creating possibilities.

These people rock!

Grow to be a BIG Thinker yourself!


Are you willing to push yourself to the limit? Are you ready to take whatever it needs to achieve your personal goals? Are you prepared to fail, fall and stand up again? Are you prepared to work hard and do your damnedest?

Then you must watch these inspiring video’s of Beyonce and others to learn about the way to big succes.