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Gijs van der Grinten

About: Making Sense out of the Present by trying to find the Essence: Pressense

How to be as positively empowered & balanced as possible in this rapidly changing world? Where to focus your attention & energy? Finding these answers is an ongoing quest to freedom and abundance.

My, and thus your, perception of the world is completely unique and we are it's creator: our inner and consequently outer experiences can be steered and balanced. How? By deliberately choosing the life that resonates most and setting the appropriate goals to achieve that. You can be what you think you can be!
Training Type: Seminars, Health & Lifestyle, Mindfulness, Business
Expertise: As a graduated Master in New Media & Digital Culture with a Bachelor in Philosophy and as an experienced meditator I try to find the perfect balance between my intuitive and rational guidance systems.

What is the purpose of life and how can you influence it? Where to focus your attention and energy? What can you do to better your life and the lives of those around you?

By taking control of your energy through consciously filtering and balancing your thoughts you can gain more and more insight and balance in these turbulent times.

Use the power of your thoughts and imagination!

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