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Think BIG profile

Nataliia Bortnichenko

About: I have been teaching yoga since 2002.
During this period I´ve given lots of classes, seminars and webinars; translated lots of workshops ; organised festivals and retreats to India, Europe, Ukraine, India, Tibet, Turkey; participated in teachers trainings, body-work and general well-being programs.
In 2014 I´ve established the YogaNature school were where I gladly share my knowledge.
Country: Netherlands
Training Type: Yoga, Seminars, Health & Lifestyle
Expertise: TheBigThink is my LifeStyle. Everyday we have an opportunity to change our personal and global life through small steps, beginning with ourselves. Healthy thinking, movement, nutrition give us energy to fulfill our dreams, to have more energy for creating the world we would like to live in. That is why it is so important everyday to devote time to our well being! Lets grow together!