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Helen Purperhart

About: Helen Purperhart  is internationally known for her dedication and innovative way to make yoga accessible for everyone. Children's yoga and 'inner child work' is her speciality and that's what Helen likes to proclaim into the world. Helen writes books about these subjects, makes cd's and cards to inspire others. Helen is curious, eager to learn, inquisitive and full of self- confidence. Having learned from the wise yoga lessons and from her outlook on life, Helen has developed her own playful yoga style, which forms the basis of the Children's yoga training, which she is offering. She uses several different yoga styles (hatha-, Chakra-, Vinyasa-, and Kundaliniyoga). Helen likes to inspire big and small people to walk their own path in yogaland. Helen has started her own academy called Jip and Jan in Holland, where yoga lessons, teacher trainings and coaching takes places according to her own style of teaching. Look at her website: www.kinderyoga.nl .  Read my free E-book: www.ontdekjesuperkracht.nl

Country: Netherlands
Training Type: Yoga, Seminars, Mindfulness
Expertise: Yogateacher for kids, teens and adults, innerchild work, author and inspirer

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