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Christina Hill

About: World renowned channeler & manifesting coach featured in the movie "Tuning In: Angels and Aliens". I was living a life of absolute suffering prior to meeting an angelic presence called Athella in 2015. Formerly broke, traumatized, victimized, addicted, homeless, I was lifted up by an ascended master who helped me transcend fear and embrace my true Self. I now own and operate a sanctuary for retreats and a philanthropic organization, and I have manifested INCREDIBLE miracles in my life. I have found that I love to be a kid... play with dogs, blow bubbles, be in raw (albeit extreme) nature, swim in the ocean, sing my heart out, and meditate.
Country: Mexico
Training Type: Health & Lifestyle, Mindfulness, Business
Expertise: As a former addict, champion failure, struggling single mom, and my own worst not-so-friendly friend, I can really relate to where you may be at right now in life. The real question is: Are you ready to manifest what you really want? All that you are is summed up in one word: ENERGY. As your personalized manifesting coach and channeler, I guide you to Oneness with Source so you can feel your own Power, Claim It, and Release the old garbage that may have held you back in the past. Together we will channel that energy, play with the external forms that you want to create, dance with your Guides, and clear away whatever material is outdated and not of your highest benefit.