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Allie O’Shea

Think BIG profile

Allie O’Shea

About: I am an International Law of Attraction Practitioner & Motivational Speaker & I teach people how to understand the Law of Attraction & utilise the powers of the Universe through my Workshop & Motivational Speaking.

More information is available on my website.
Training Type: Seminars, Health & Lifestyle, Mindfulness
Expertise: I am a qualified Law of Attraction Practitioner, a qualified Natural Energy Healer, & also a qualified Reiki Practitioner.  I am also a Motivational Speaker & I love to help others expand & grow through my Motivational speaking on both Positivity & The Law of Attraction.  I have created a workshop on understanding & how to use the Law of Attraction, it is available on my website - www.expansivesouls.com.  I am also a writer and have been published by Rumi quotes.

My articles

My Journey with the Universe & Abraham Hicks

Do you realise what an adventure this life truly is?  It’s the greatest adventure ever, we get one life and what
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