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Heart Chakra Meditation

Heart Chakra Meditation

Heart Chakra Meditation


The entire body system is an ideal reflection of our philosophies, imagination and emotions. It is the actual physical manifestation of our personal values about who we are. The chakra focuses are akin to energetic motors within the psychological / emotional / physical energy field we generally recognize as “me.” Every chakra center refers to a different part of our daily life

In chakra meditation, for diverse people, and at different times, chakras techniques are in various methods. Normally, what is pointed out within my consciousness are areas of constriction, density, cloudiness, numbness, separation or taking back from the other chakras, and lack of movement. In some instances there is a high quality of folding in, as if the chakra is trying to defend itself. Even though there are lots of other chakra centers within the whole of our spiritual / mental / emotional / physical being, there are seven major ones that are associated with this present dream, which are related to a unique area of our lives.
1. The Crown Chakra
2. The Brow Chakra
3. The Throat Chakra
4. The Heart Chakra
5. The Solar Plexus
6. The Sacral Chakra
7. The Root Chakra



We are trained to believe that whenever we are angry it is because something happened to us that resulted in the upset. Nevertheless, this really is backwards. When an unpleasant event occurs, such as aching, disease or discomfort in the body, or an “outer” situation such as losing a job or a relationship, that event is a reflection of an “upset” which was already within us, normally below our mindful awareness.

Take a trip out of your mind and into your Soul

The chakras would imitate the beliefs as well, probably in the solar plexus and heart in this example, as well as the respiratory tract and the first two chakras, to different degrees. All the internal organs and cells in the areas of the body linked to the chakras would also be affected.

Until the main root is sorted out, the effects – feeling upset or distressed in the body, mind, and / or emotions – remain.


So what is the contributing factor of any distress or suffering ?
All suffering is the consequence of believing we are a different part instead of the Whole that we are.

This is like a wave in a sea looking for water, not realizing it is water, one with the total ocean it is appearing in. But if the identification is founded on a self-concept of becoming another wave, it would suffer.

This primary identity on what we are makes our entire belief system. If we believe we are a separate part, our philosophies will likely be about being inadequate and imperfect. Consequently, our values develop our ideas, emotions, and bodies. They even develop the entire movie of our experience.

Unless the level of cause is addressed, the consequences – feeling angry or distressed in the body, mind and emotion.

If you wish to practice chakra meditation, it is essential to be are of the opening to yourself as pure awareness aid in increasing the awareness of unconscious material that has been percolating beneath the surface for decades.

Energy flows where attention goes

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