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The people behind Think BIG

BIG story


The ultimate combination of an experienced Holistic Coach and a madly driven Entrepreneur is the base ingredient for unlimited BIG Success! This strong collaboration is like a perfectly balanced Yin-Yang and can’t be denied. A joined force of female & male powers with a clear aim;

Lifting mankind, revealing one’s true potency and turning dreams into Goals!

Nadine Witteman

Founder & Holistic Coach/Trainer

Came to the Netherlands by adoption as a baby. Although she grew up in a small village, by the age of ten, she knew there is something bigger out there. Her BIG dream ever since, has been about traveling the world and making it a better place.For more than seven years she has been living in Italy, Uganda and Switzerland while working as volunteer or coach.

Since five years she successfully runs her own Holistic Practice in the South of Amsterdam where she guides and supports clients to reconnect with their Life Path.

Nadine is a certified and well trained Healer, Reader and Life Coach. Her expertise is on channelling , Ayurveda, Life Style changes and NLP. She runs guided Meditation classes on a weekly base. Beside it, she’s a successful author and illustrator of a Book for children and adults.

Her approach is: Inspiring, Motivating, Creative and Sincere. No chit chat, straight to the core fits her best.

Raoul Milhado

Founder & Motivational Speaker

Raoul believes, integrates and grows every day. For him nothing is impossible; he’s specialized in visualization techniques and known for his unbridled energy. The combination of the two is bringing him – and the people surround him – everywhere he wants to go or to be.

He was born in the Netherlands and in his early twenties he travelled the world to live in Australia & The Philippines. He loves to interact with all kinds of cultural backgrounds which he sees as an enrichment of Life.

He’s a born entrepreneur and has been running his own companies for more than 6 years now. He’s currently involved in a mobile app-technology company, a 2.0 boat rental platform and in addition Raoul is motivational speaker. He travels around the world to inspire people to talk about his journey, his experiences and to share his built up knowledge how to turn your dreams into goals.

His approach is straight forward, inspiring and innovative. Thinking in unlimited solutions fits him like a glove.

Thijs Verhoeven

Thijs is an ambitious serial entrepreneur and an expert on anything online. He is the founder of WP Masters and WP Handleiding, the only Dutch WordPress guideline aimed at self-serving consumers in The Netherlands.

His aim is to share as much knowledge as possible with other WordPress experts and users. But WordPress is only a small part of his ever-expanding grip on the World Wide Web, and Thijs is swiftly gaining international acknowledgement for his online brands and his mobile expertise.

With over 10 years of field experience, Thijs is an excellent addition to our team. He uses modern online techniques and cutting-edge marketing strategies to make yoga, mindfulness, training and coaching more available to everyone, everywhere.

His approach is motivating and innovative. A trustworthy personality with a can-do attitude.

Think BIG is a platform which provides exclusive knowledge, unique technology and fascinating spirituality tools for individuals and organizations in order to reach everyone’s highest potential.