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Activate Your Avatar (Part 1) – Face Yoga

   Activate your avatar (part 1) – face yoga    

Activate Your Avatar (Part 1) – Face Yoga

Facial Yoga may be an art that you might not have heard of, but it is a highly underestimated practice to open up the pathways for chi energy throughout the head and the facial muscles. For many people trapped in the matrix environment where conformity is the rule of the day, the natural social dynamics of the human-being, the physical grounded aspect of our being, may take a back-seat to the strict, according behavior we are sometimes forced to embody in the professional world.
Stimulating The Third Eye
What is known as the 3rd eye chakra, the energetic center of your forehead, can be stimulated with blood-flow and of course, chi energy, by the practice of movements of the facial muscles by using various expressions. The smile, is well known to cultivate energy that is directed to the 3rd eye, as can be seen by the energetic pathways (meridians/rivers of energy) on the following picture.

The smile also connects to the sides of the head, and all the way up to the crown, and to the eyes themselves, replenishing the chi energy to the eyes, boosting them to see more beyond what meets the common eye, a hyper-increased awareness!

Optometrists should be telling their patients to start smiling more to improve vision!

If you look at the velvet colored line beginning on the inside edges of the eyes, here is located acupuncture points that can be pressed with the fingers to relieve tired eyes, as this is a common location where excess energy becomes blocked. A sharp pain would signal indeed that there is a blockage in these localized points.

The Cyan colored lines also represent more key points one can target using acupressure to release pressure allowing more energy to circulate.

Third eye is just a word to confuse us in the matrix. Like all organs of the body, when an in improper amount of energy is circulated to them, they start to malfunction and like machines they start to portray dysfunction.

When your eyes are supplied with adequate chi, vision starts improving, and one is opened to perceptions that do not meet the common eye that only sees surface relevance and what appears under the speed of light.

Seeing through the veils. This phenomena cannot really be explained to somebody that has not awakened the true potential of the physical eyes, as it is a spiritual experience to see things for what they really are, not distorted by a frequency that you are projecting onto that which is beholded.

Either you are using your eyes or your eyes are using you. Eyes that have no life-force behind them see things according to the way they are set up, you create the filter, you create the goggles and you create the veil! It starts within. When one operates in the now, the eyes tell no lies, you are working with the five elements. Real eyes realize real lies.
The Forehead and Jaws
By using the muscles that are actually around your very eyes, and by using the forehead muscles as a mode of expression, by the lifting of the eyebrows, one actually enhances intuitive and extra-sensory perception. After some time one can actually play around with the forehead muscles and gain a greater sense of movement and feeling in areas that had not been possible before the application of facial yoga.

This is so because of the build-up of energy in a focused point. If you have ever seen the threat display of a monkey, with raised eyebrows, this tension on the forehead is exactly what you will be aiming for during a facial yoga session.
Ears and Listening
The ears should be able to move when the muscles around them are contracted, the ears are supposed to have just as much feeling and response to express, as the front of your face. Please refer to red and cyan lines to see the meridians in these areas.

When someone is talking to you about a deep metaphysical subject, it is good to concentrate energy towards the higher centers on the head, this leads extra energy to the focused localized points of expression on the face where it serves to boost listening and oneness between the parties.

In this domain you are a clear channel of white-light for anything in need of illumination. When a person has this complete presence of an enlightened crown, you may say she or he is functioning in the now, as all unconsciousness does not bypass the conscious knowing, that sees all, this is the real eye of Horus, or the third eye, extrasensory perception, there are so many names for this, but it is really something very simple regarding the activated body.
What I am speaking of here is actually supposed to be a natural part to our being, but it has become lost for many that have succumbed to an unnatural environment.
Targeting and Stimulating The Pituitary Gland
Another way to target a tiny little point of energy to the exact location of where the etheric eye is, the connection to the pituitary gland, is to place one finger on the middle point aligned with the eyeline, and to try frown the forehead muscles downwards  while lifting your nose muscles so that the finger is pinched between the two opposing contractions! You will be hugging the tip of the finger held to the spot. The nose can also be contracted to mimic a dog or a lion that is threatening you with the display of their teeth.

Just like all animals can tense their ears, when something is sensed, to enhance auditory perception, so do human beings, the tensing of the ears actually enhances hearing as the ear holes are contracted into straight lines.

I am mentioning this for in case the aspirant is not aware of this natural way of the body. On the picture you will see three different pathways passing around the ear area, and these could also be possibly blocked causing what is known as ADD, the inability to connect to others and concentrate, due to the higher centers being completely blocked to chi energy.

When you cannot connect in any meaningful way with others, your experience becomes alienated and a grounded experience on planet earth becomes out of your reach.

These particular channels(ears) can first be stimulated through the tensing of the outer eyelids and forehead, as well as the stretching of the jaws and the tensing of the lower chin. You can work out your own movements and feel what is good for you. It is something that has assisted me, and that is why it is worth of note.
Jaws and Tongue
Speaking proficiency improves as well. Just like the body needs exercise now and again, so does your face which also has muscles, especially if you are a person of few words and expressions.  The lower jaw muscles are also very important in facial yoga because the jaw is what actually grounds excess chi energy from the upper head downwards to the lower chakras where the excess energy may be grounded to the earth, preventing a short-circuit.

The jaws should also be given a good stretch every now and again. Have you ever seen an animal stretch its jaws wide open? This is actually a regular practice of maintenance to keep the muscles supple and strong!

Also worth mentioning is the tongue of course, the main channel that connects the anterior and posterior ends of the body, the main vessel that is responsible for bringing energy in the head down to the lower chakras. The tongue can also do with some stretching now and again.

Stick it out, like a playful youngster stick out your tongue as far as you can, twist it, see if you can touch your nose! Push it out, turn it left and right! It is also worth noting that the pressure on the palate of the mouth using the tongue grounds energy from the head down to the lower chakras, something not taught in western schools, which is vital to know for anybody with tension headaches!
Grounding Kundalini
Kundalini is a popular concept in yoga circles, and for many that seek to attain a balance with their excess sexual energy using yoga methods to circulate the energy in an orbit around the body, facial yoga might form the missing link to a free-flowing current without any minimal blockages.

When one has a blockage anywhere in the body, including the face, then an excess of energy builds up which means that the machine of the body is not functioning to its full potential.

Excess energy and especially stagnant energy throughout any of the pathways in the body, possibly leads to the stimulation of unwanted emotions and uncontrolled thinking, especially if there is a buildup of energy in the head.

This is why grounding activities are so important, so that the high potential of chi is always in circulation, completing its orbit naturally around the body (up the spine and down the front of the body) together with the rhythm of the universe. Just like the earth makes one complete rotation in a 24hr period, so does the body make one whole rotation, energetically.

Article Source: Deprogram The Matrix

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